Julie Fitzgerald is an accomplished fiddle player and step dancer from Bancroft, Ontario. She is a two-time Canadian Grand Masters Fiddle Champion, as well as two-time Open Step Dance Champion. Since her early days of old-time fiddle, she has diversified and become an accomplished fiddle player of many styles. She is a member of the family group “Everything Fitz: The Fitzgerald Family.”

Julie has been in high demand for both her fiddling and dancing as a performer in various groups across North America. She has had the opportunity to perform internationally with many of her lifelong musical ‘idols’ including Leahy, Natalie MacMaster, members of The StepCrew & Bowfire, Troy MacGillivray and Wayne Rostad.  While touring with The StepCrew, Julie has also had the opportunity to share the stage with Sharon Shannon, We Banjo 3, Carlos Nunez, Solas, and Eileen Ivers.

Julie is a recent graduate from Humber College (Toronto) for the Bachelor of Music program, where she received the Ron Collier Award for Arranging.  Julie’s love of passing on the Canadian traditional music and dance led to the creation of her first Instructional Step Dance DVD.   Whenever she is taking a break from touring, Julie teaches private dance and fiddle lessons to students in the Peterborough area. She also enjoys teaching at music camps, including the Leahy Music Camp (Lakefield, ON), Fiddle Retreat (Smithers, BC).   She recently launched her Online Step Dance Instruction Page where viewers can learn Canadian step dancing directly off of her website! www.juliefitzgerald.ca


1. Will stay up ALL night when there’s a good music session on
2. Wants to meet Brad Paisley and play some tunes!
3. Doesn’t drink coffee
4. Plays 2 fiddles at the same time, while step dancing
5. Wants to be a rally car driver
6. Loves flowers, especially lilies
7. Is an OFSAA wrestler and loves playing hockey
8. Has been playing the piano since age 6
9. HAS to have pickles with peanut butter sandwiches
10. Plays fiddle for Midnight mass … favourite night of the year