Summer 2011!!

The gang is home now after two extremely successful performances – one at a presenters’ and booking agents’ convention in NYC, the other at the most prestigious Celtic festival in the world held in Glasgow, Scotland. With half of the group both under the weather and jet-lagged, we pulled off an amazing set at Celtic Connections and introduced audiences over the sea to The StepCrew. What a time we had! And for those of you who thought we were ONLY a postured, choreographed dance show – you should have joined us for our set at the festival club on Jan. 15…..
Moving on, we are returning to Irish Fest in Dublin, OH this summer. Dublin is the first festival The StepCrew ever performed at and we are ecstatic to be asked back again this year. We are also honoured to announce our first-ever tour of Japan, although a few of us have been there several times with other groups. The StepCrew will be travelling around Japan as part of the annual Celtic Christmas tour. Who knows, maybe we’ll start a sensation over there?